quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2005

E mais uma vez...

... preciso de uma gaja!

Isto de sair com uns amigos casais que passam o serão ao beijos não é nada bom.

Segurar velas não é comigo!


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Kadri disse...

Come on, WHERE were you before christmas?! I wouldn't be absolutely broke, if i only knew, how UNIQUE and suitable it is for every age (plus colorful toiletpaper gives a necessary variety - blue for boys, pink for girls.)
Oh, and i'd so need some right now. It's freezing cold outside, so burning it would be damn nice. (And i could decorate the christmastree while burning some toiletpaper.)
Mmmmm... toiletpaper. (Read it in a way Homer would say "mmm...doughnut").

Anyway. Thank you SO much for opening my eyes!!

Oh, and sorry for spamming. I'm sure, your post was absolutely about something else. Guess i just have to improve my portuguese skills as Altavista translator kind of sucks.

Btw - the new year gets here 2 hours earlier. We try to use it all up before it reaches you. So - happy new year to you too (:

Kadri disse...

Oh, almost forgot. Of course, no diets at christmas. But you got to understand - it was for our own sake. It makes all the family-reunions so much more fun. Seems, that grandma's are just allergic to the word "diet". It's a bliss!

Vanessa disse...

Isso é sina. Comigo acontece o mesmo, mas eles parecem ter respeito por mim e passamos uns seroes agradaveis na galhofa.

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